Social Security Disability

I understand the struggles that go along with applying for Social Security Disability benefits and am here to help you. I also appreciate how important these benefits are to my clients.


Applying for disability is a process.

The Social Security Administration routinely denies disability benefits to worthy applicants at the first two reviews. However, many people win on their third appeal, which is decided by a judge.  That’s why it is important not to give up after being denied.  

Margaret Kaiser Law can help.

I have helped clients develop theories of disability and present their cases over the past five years.  I understand the Social Security laws and I study your medical history.  I also make sure your record with the Social Security Administration is complete and contains all of the information necessary to determine if you are disabled.  I often work with claimants' healthcare providers to present evidence supporting their disability.  Most importantly, I present my clients’ cases to the judge effectively and persuasively through written briefs, hearing preparation and representation.



Call me to discuss your case.

Winning Social Security benefits for my clients is my number one goal.  I offer personalized and compassionate assistance to all of my clients and keep my clients informed of their case status, respond promptly to communication and do my best to understand their concerns and respond to their questions.  

I do not charge for initial consultations, so please call me today to discuss your case.