Guardian ad Litem Representation


A guardian ad litem (GAL) in Wisconsin is an attorney at law who represents the best interests of an individual in a legal matter. Margaret Kaiser has satisfied the legal education requirements to serve as a guardian ad litem in every type of legal action in which a GAL may be required.  

Family Law

Representing the best interest of children and giving custody and placement recommendations to the court in divorce and paternity cases.  See the following Wisconsin State Bar website for more information on GALs in family law matters:

Guardianship and Protective Placement

Representing the best interest of minors and vulnerable adults in guardianship actions.  These cases often involve elderly individuals who have questionable decision making capacity or who may need protective placement.

Personal Injury

Assisting minors who have suffered injuries by representing their best interests in minor settlement hearings. 


Serving as guardian ad litem in Chapter 48 cases involving children in need of protective placement or services. 


Representing the best interest of minors or individuals who cannot be located in probates.